Tuesday, April 1, 2008

my personal kitchen"aid"

Tuesday and Thursday mornings are always a little quieter around our house. I usually get some phone calls made, some emails returned, the house picked up a little and maybe, if I'm properly managing my time, I might even get a shower. This little lull in my week is created by the fact that we send Ella to preschool on Tuesday & Thursday mornings. It's amazing how the intensity levels change around our house when we subtract one child from the "dynamic duo" equation ("dynamic duo" being Ella and Britten, because together they create lots and lots of...well, dynamic drama).

For as much as I LOVE spending time with all three girls, because I really do, I appreciate these mornings. I get a lot more accomplished than usual, as I previously mentioned, but much more importantly, I get some one-on-one, quality time with Britten. For as much as she adores and loves playing with Ella, I think Britten also appreciates this time with me. Granted, Chloe is home with us on these mornings, but really, does this sweet little face look demanding to you?

Oh, alright. She's not always a sweet, low-maintenance little baby...SLEEPING is an entirely different story with her and deserves its' own post.

Back to Britty. We (or at least, I) cherish this small block of time together and tend to use it by spending time reading books, doing little crafts, playing games or just doing your typical "2 year old" play stuff. But today, I thought we'd try something new. Well, not new exactly, but new for us to do by ourselves. We were going hang out in the kitchen and bake something together! After much thought and consideration, I decided we'd bake our all-time favorite snack, Pumpkin Flax Muffins.

We can't start our baking project without the proper attire...

I told Britten to say "Pumpkin!" You know, instead of cheese, but that didn't turn out so well!

There, that's better! Now, let's get started...
...Well, that was fast! Not much can beat freshly baked pumpkin flax muffins!
Britten wonders if YOU would like to try her muffins?

You really SHOULD! Just click here if you're interested in making this delicious snack!

As you can see, our time in the kitchen today was a success...I wonder what we'll do on Thursday!


Mamaskills said...

I want some of Britty's Pumkin Flax Muffins only I don't want to have to bake them :) Next time I will bring Court so she can bake them for me!

Kim said...

I would love to try some Britten!
I think I may make these over the weekend.
You are right (even though I only have 1 child) they each need and deserve your attention at separate times sometimes, ya know? I bet she had soooo much fun and I bet you did too... and that lil Chloe.... she is so yummy! How could she possibly be demanding? j/k I soooo know how that goes.

sarah said...

i wanted to try these when i read about them on your other post. thanks for the reminder :)

also ... i'm SO with you on the preschool mornings :) just wait until you have ella in school ... britten in preschool ... and you can enjoy just you and chloe time! as hard as it is to send them off and see them grow up ... that time is MARVELOUS :) te he he :)

Kristi said...

Love the pictures of Britten in her chef's hat! What a doll!!! :-) What a fun time of mother/daughter bonding!

And, I remember you posting about those muffins a while back...so, I definitely need to check out that recipe again and make them. They sound really good!!!

Tiffany said...

Oh yes! Hands down I vote "pumpkin" too. You know how much I love these muffins. In fact, I have a friend who requests a dozen everytime I make them.

Britten looks to have done a fabulous job.