Thursday, April 17, 2008

a matter manner of fact

Britten and I were standing in the pharmacy line this morning, with Chloe beside us in our stroller. While we were waiting, in the dead stillness of the pharmacy, Britten decides she needs to pass some gas --- very loud gas, I might add.

Me, clearing my throat, and speaking loud enough for everyone to hear: "Britten, honey, what do you say?"

She thinks a second and responds: "Can I be excused, please?"

Me: "Oh, I guess that'll work (same meaning, different context). Yes, you can be excused."

Britten: "And thanks for the good meal, Mommy."

Well, at least she knows her manners!


Mamaskills said...

Love this - is soooo courtney! Hope you have a great weekend

Kelly said...

that is hilarious!

sarah said...

ha ha :) that's hilarious!