Wednesday, March 19, 2008

spatula girl comes to life!

I found this creation sitting on our dining room table earlier today:
Ella found a latex glove (leftover from one of our many doctor's visits) and decided it would be fun to stretch it over my Pampered Chef spatula. She proceeded to grab a sharpie marker from our junk drawer and draw a face, complete with eyebrows and hair, arms, which are located on the sides of the face, and two legs, drawn at the very bottom of my spatula handle, which is also the index finger of the latex glove.

I've always known that Ella is a clever and creative little bug, but I found this to be one her most unique creations yet. When I told her how much I liked her "little person," she responded with:

"It's spatula girl! And now I'm going to have a puppet show with her!" She proceeded to drag Britten into the other room to perform her puppet show with "spatula girl."

I made pancakes tonight and realized I was short my only spatula. When I hunted it down, I realized I wasn't quite ready to let go of "spatula girl" yet. I'll let one pancake go to waste in order to save her from her demise. I'll let her sit on my counter so I can admire Ella's handiwork for one more day....


Anonymous said...

Hah! Hysterical! I kind of wished you'd have posted the photo and made us figure it out first. Because, I don't know that I could's so...odd looking! But SO funny when you know it's a spatula and then it's all clear! Funny:)

Kristi said...

Very wonderfully creative, Ella!! I am impressed as well! I would have loved to see your puppet show...I am sure that it was great!!!


Kim said...

Im with MCK Mama, I never wouldve figured that out. I knew it was latex of some sort but had no idea there was a spatula under there!
She is SO creative, and Spatula looks great.

Yvette said...

Wow! How old is she?! That is very creative.

Anonymous said...

Allright, we need MORE updates, LESS waiting.