Friday, March 14, 2008

and so it begins...

(First of all, let me begin this post by apologizing to all of my avid readers, all 4 of you, for my absence this past week. This must've been so frustrating for you, knowing how much you appreciate reading about our family drama. :) It's been a busy week, to say the least, and to top it off, I didn't have a functional computer for the first half of it. With that said, I will make it up to you today as I have A LOT to tell you about! So, sit back, relax and enjoy the post!)

As a mother of three girls, I knew I could anticipate many, many sleepless-overs. Knowing how much I enjoyed this as a young girl, I've been very excited for my daughters to embark on these fun and memorable experiences. Well, last night, at 4 years old, Ella had her very first sleep-over...and I had my first taste of what it's like to be the parent in this situation.

Due to having influenza, Ella had to miss her best friend, Courtney's, birthday party last week. We felt terrible. We wanted to make it up to Courtney by throwing her a little party with Ella and decided to make it a sleep-over...Why not? We gotta start some time! We began the festivities by taking the girls (girls being Ella, Courtney, Britten & Chloe) to a local indoor park - Ella's favorite place in the world!

...And they're off!

From the moment we arrived, it was non-stop...

They were going and going and going...

"Hi, Courtney!"
Only willing to stop for a water/juice break...

They really had a blast playing together in the park! At one point, Courtney made a pit stop to exclaim, "I'm having SO much fun!" Britten, on the other hand, not so much...


At one point, my husband found Britten sitting in the tree ladder, sobbing. A little Mexican girl (no older than 6) had her arms wrapped around Britten, trying to comfort her. The little girl looked up at my husband and said, in an incredibly cute Mexican accent:

"I don't know what happened...I found her in here really sad..."

My husband, very moved by the little girl's tenderness: "Well, thank you for helping her."

Little girl: "You're welcome." She starts to crawl up the ladder, but not before turning around to say, "She's very cute, though."

My husband: "Well, thank you!"

Aside from the fact that Britten didn't enjoy herself (what do you expect from a 2 year old at 7:30pm?), the trip to the park was a success.

The older girls had a great time at the park...But our night didn't end there! After we left, we took the girls to Target so each of them could pick out their very own princess dress. Needless to say, it was a tough decision (like a kid in a candy store), but I think the girls were pleased with their selections.

Well, Britten was a little upset, but not by her dress selection. She really did enjoy the evening much more the pictures portray.

Ella and Courtney pranced around the house in their dresses, but only for about 10 minutes, as my husband and I they were extremely tired and ready for bed! Bedtime was not as successful as the rest of night, but what do you expect from a 4 and 5 year old? We started the night with Ella and Courtney sharing a room but ended up moving Ella to the basement (where Daddy joined her later). Courtney did great for sleeping at someone else's house, briefly waking up twice around 5:00am.

The sleep-over officially ended at 9:00am, when Courtney's mom picked her up. Overall, it was a success and we all had a wonderful time. But, the true question remains: Will we do it again? Probably not for another 6 least! :)


Kristi said...

Oh...the FIRST sleepover!!! :-) What fun memories your Ella will have of that!!! What cute pics...and how special to have a best little buddy like that!!!

Last year when Mackenzie turned six, we surprised her by having two of her best buddies (two sisters) over for a sleepover...our first experience with that as well!!! :-)

Two four-year olds and two six-year olds sleeping in the same room (all on the floor in the girls' room) was quite an adventure as well!!! :-)

Since then we have done it a few more times...and Mackenzie says that she definitely wants to have a sleepover for her SEVENTH birthday (in May). She is already planning it! Such a "girl thing," isn't it??

It is the "beginning" like you said... :-)

Oh...and I HAVE wondered how things have been going with you...I do check your blog out daily and HAVE noticed you "absence" in the blogging world!!! :-) I was hoping that all was well with you guys...

Anyway...have a fun weekend...hope you can do some relaxing after your busy week!!!


Grace said...

Oh that looks like SO much FUN! I love their cute little princess dresses! I can't wait until my little girl has a sleepover!

Angela said...

That looks like so much fun!! CUTE that you got them each a princess dress! Grace keeps asking to have a sleepover but I'm not sure I'M ready for that!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what FUN and what a BIG first step! I don't know if I can do a sleepover for at least a few more years:) So good for you guys that you facilitated SO much fun being had by all the little ones!!

zustiaks said...

Hi Amanda! Is that park Edinborough? (I'm not sure I spelled it correctly) I used to take the kids there all the time and was just back with Evie on Thursday - that place is a blast. . No wonder it's Ella's favorite!

Anonymous said...

I actually did miss your posts...I live vicariously through you with the whole "family thing" and you can live vicariously through me with the whole "drama single girl" thing...I'm sure sleep-overs will only get more and more fun. Have a great day! Heather ann( no, not just a lurker anymore:)

Sophia said...

I know how Britten feels. I was always the annoying younger sister that imposed on my sister's sleepovers. ;)

(and I don't check up on you daily, but at least weekly.)