Friday, March 7, 2008

just for kicks

This picture has no meaning, except that I thought it was hilarious. This was taken on a night that Andy was watching the girls for a couple hours. As you can see, the older girls were enjoying themselves by going crazy in the crib. I don't mind that so much. The crib is falling apart as it is; they may as well use it as their wrestling cage. What I mind, and find quite hilarious, is what you see in the far left corner of the picture...Do you see it? What looks to be a little doll about ready to tumble off the chair?!? That little doll just happens to be Chloe, who is not a doll, in the literal sense anyway, but my BABY! Yikes!!!!

Thank goodness the picture makes it look worse than it was really was. Chloe was, in fact, sitting contentedly, watching her older sisters jump around. She just happened to tip a little bit as my husband took this photo. It just looked so funny I had to post it!


Kim said...

I kind of did think it was a doll but clicked on the picture to enlarge it and noticed it was indeed Chloe! The girls look like they were having a blast!

Kristi said...

I totally noticed the doll-looking baby in that chair and thought that it was Chloe...all of that dark hair gave it away!!! :-)

And, speaking of hair, I LOVE Britten's hair in the picture! What a great action shot of hair LITERALLY standing straight up!!! Love it!!!

Great picture!! :-)

Grace said...

Isn't this what Daddy time is all about!!! :) What great memories for him and the girls!

Your children are absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, since I have a doll-baby that same size, who often is in that tipping position, of course I knew it was Chloe. But she looked safe (if a bit uncomfortable!) to me!

That is a GREAT shot!! Will you ask Andy what lens/setting he used to take that photo!? Don't tell me he had his light set-up in there, did he?!

And, YES, this photo makes me laugh!! I LOVE Britten's hair, espcially. And their Snazzy attire. Were they dancing to that cd, perhaps? You know, my boys beg to put Snazzy on every evening with Daddy and then they dance like crazy all around the kitchen to it:)

AND, my boys LOVE to jump in (one of our three) cribs. And, when I put a blanket on top, they call it their cage. Looks like we aren't the only ones!

Angela said...

Good one, Andy ;)

suuuuuure she just happened to tip right when he took the photo... LOL!

looks to me more like Daddy was having too much fun with the camera- and I say that only because that is totally something I would do! ;)

Hilary said...

I look at your blog often and love reading about you and your sweet girls!
Thank you so much for the nice comment you left me. It means so much to me that you are praying for me and my family! I don't mind at all if you come and check out the updates. It is really encouraging to me to know I have support.
Thank you and God Bless!

Tiffany said...

Oh you're right. This picture has many laughable pieces to it. Britten's hair, Chloe, and Ella's grip on the crib. Actually the funniest part is that your husband was home alone with them. I'm laughing right now.

Kelly said...

Oh that is too funny!

Also, I LOVE the pink stripes!!

aerin said...

I KNEW it was Chloe and that is how I assumed ANDY must have taken it! HAHA... love the shot of Britty.

oh, ps - I changed my blog: Shoe d'etat -