Saturday, March 29, 2008

let the games picnics begin!

One of our FAVORITE things to do when it's nice outside is have picnics on our deck. Now, I know it's not exactly "picnic weather" today, with it being quite windy and our thermometer only reading 42 degrees. But when my 4 and 2 year old daughters have their faces plastered against the patio door, begging me to "make a picnic," how can I resist? With all of the snow melted off the deck, and with the sun shining in the sky, I decided it couldn't be more perfect. I sent them outside in shorts and tank tops bundled in their winter coats and hats, but decided to let them wear their crocs (with socks, of course) as a tribute to the warmer weather to come. I laid a big, cozy blanket on the ground, just in case they needed to pull it over their little legs. What I found humorous, as you'll see in the picture above, is the fact that, despite all of the sitting room they had, they chose to practically sit on top of each other.

You may be wondering, where did I choose to eat my lunch today? Well, sitting in my warm dining room at my table, of course, in an adult-civilized fashion, watching my little troopers eat from afar. For as much as I love picnics, I decided I'm going to hold out for 60 degree weather.


Lisa said...

Wow! Is that snow in the background? I do the same things with my kids. I let them eat all bundled up on the deck and I sit next to the window at the table watching them because it is too cold for me. Sometimes I stand on the heat vent while I watch. :-)

Kristi said...

Oh what FUN!!! :-) I am sure that your girls loved to do that!

But, I agree with you...I love picnics...but give me 80 degree weather. Let's just say that I am a "fair-weather picnic-er"!!!

What fun memories!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a FUN mom you are!!! But still, here's hoping you can have more appropriate picnics very soon!

Angela said...

Yay!! I finally go to see your deck!! Can't wait till we can come picnic on it too ;)

Mamaskills said...

I kinda wish I had two girls! We've be introduced to the sidewalk chalk already. As you know with Andrew's interesting issues - we have several stoplights directing our way out of the driveway.

Your girls are so cute! See ya tomorrow.