Saturday, March 29, 2008

Picky McPickerton

Please note: If you have an issue with scabs, or with people picking their scabs, I would suggest you skip this post and go on to the next! Consider this fair warning...

Tonight, as I'm downstairs playing with the girls, I noticed Britten standing in the middle of the room, zoned out, scratching at her chest. It took me a second to realize what she was doing. For about the past month, I noticed a re-occuring bloody scratch across Britten's chest. It looks something like a cat attacked her, but considering we don't own a cat (and never will), I knew it had to be something else. Every time I asked her about it, her response was the same:

"I ran into the wall, and the wall hurt my chest."

This didn't make sense to me. Every time I saw the scratch, it looked fresh, as though it just happened. How could she keep running into the wall and hurting herself, and why on earth was this scratch
always bleeding? Like I said before, she's had this scratch for darn near a month now!

Well, tonight, as Britten was zoned out in the middle of the family room, it finally occurred to me - Britten is picking at her scab! For someone who likes to
pick at stuff (because I am a picker!), I get queasy at the sight of people picking at their scabs. It literally makes my stomach turn! So, you can imagine my surprise when I noticed Britten, my own flesh and blood, my mini-me (so I've been told), my 2 year old, pulling her scab off!

Me: "BRITTEN, what are you doing?!?!"

Britten (classic Britten response): "I'm taking my chest off, Mommy."

Me: "WHAT?! You need to stop that right now! You're making yourself bleed. You're going to give yourself a big scar!"

Britten, being the stubborn 2-year old she is: "No, Mommy! I'm taking my chest off! I'm taking it off right now!" I tried to wrestle her hand away, but to no avail.

finally done: "There, now my chest feels better."

Great. I have a scab-picker. What am I to do?


Kristi said...

Oh...I am totally a "picker" as well (maybe it goes with the nail-biting?). :-)

Anyway...I am glad that you got to the bottom of this mystery mark. Yeah...what do you do with that? It is hard when someone just WANTS to pick something. :-) Love Britten's comments...she sounds so funny! :-)

Ana said...

Yeah, Britten does sound funny :) All of them do.
Nice blog, it really is entertaining.

Kim said...

Im sorry b/c I will be no help with this post b/c I am a picker as well, not only am I a "picker", i am a scab-picker, gross huh?

ARF said...

This is the most entertaining post on your blog yet! I am addicted. :-)

Lisa said...

I am feeling a little faint now. I had to read this post to see if you had found a cure. I have have scab picker too. He has been at it on his foot all week long and it was a big one. He also picks off his toenails. It is totally gross. He tells me to cut them because they are too long and there is nothing there! I think he may have a problem ;-) He has chest sores from sliding down the steps on his belly. ouch. We put bandaids on to slow him down although they don't work.