Friday, March 7, 2008

i've been tagged...

...By my blogging friend, Jenny! What a fun little game! Known in the blogging world as a meme, this is a helpful little tool to help my readers, YOU, get to know me a little better. Once I've completed the task of answering the questions, I must tag one of my own blogging friends in hopes of continuing the "tagging." So, let the games begin!

10 years ago:

I had just turned 18 years old and was anxiously awaiting my high school graduation. I just got accepted to my college of choice and was itching to get out of my hometown. Funny how things change...Now, if I had it my way, I'd be living there again! Being 18, I thought I knew it all. I was an adult, for crying out loud, and deserved to be treated like one! I was rebellious, never wanting to conform to rules, and I couldn't care less about school. Looking back, I have a lot of regrets, particularly about my attitude, and I wish I could change that. But I can't. It was a learning experience and something I can hopefully make right in parenting my own children.

Things on my To-Do List Today:
  • Disinfect the downstairs bedroom (aka influenza chamber) and clean the bedding
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Work on conquering Mt.Everest (my laundry pile)
  • Go to the gym (With my husband traveling for work and then coming down with the flu, I haven't been out of my house all week!)
Three of my BAD habits:
  1. Biting my nails: I don't remember a time when I didn't bite my nails, and neither does my mom. It started when I was very young and no matter what I do, I can't seem to stop. Believe me, I've tried everything.
  2. Burping at the dinner table. This is an etiquette I learned from my own dad, so you almost can't blame me. I was known in high school for my burps as they're quite loud and disturbing..not something you'd expect to come out of a lady. I was happy to have met a man who can out-burp me any day of the week. :)
  3. Cracking my back, knuckles, neck and any other bone in my body I can make crack! I also LOVE cracking other people's backs and knuckles, but don't get that opportunity as often as I'd like. My husband hates getting his back cracked, so I'm limited to family get-togethers. Fortunately, for me, my siblings and my niece and nephews LOVE it almost as much as me! :)
If I suddenly became a Billionaire...

I'd like to think that if I had a billion dollars, I wouldn't NEED a bigger home, but why not? I have a billion dollars, and that it A LOT of money. I would pay off my own debts, along with helping my family pay off theirs. I would give a lot of money away, to church, charities and other missions I'm passionate about. I would travel with my family, all over the world. With a billion dollars, we'd have no boundaries! My husband could FINALLY have his garage full of his dream cars, motorcycles and tools. As for me, I could go shopping whenever I wanted and wouldn't have to worry about the amount of money I spend on organic food.

Five Jobs I've Had:
  1. A berry picker at my Grandpa's berry farm. My best friend, Bobbie Jo, and I picked strawberries and raspberries and we had WAY too much fun doing this. I did this for 3 summers, ages 12 - 14, getting up at 6:30am, working from 7:00am until 12:00 or 1:00pm, which is when the sun usually got too hot. I was stung by countless bees, picking wood ticks off me in the shower every day, constantly stepping on snakes and my arms looked like they were attacked by a pack of cats. But my Grandpa paid me $15.00/day - cash - and at the time, I thought it was good money...and, hey, I had a good tan!
  2. A cashier at Hardee's (age 15) - I hated this job, always leaving smelling like a french fry!
  3. The Pine's Gift Shop (ages 15-18) - I loved this job, always leaving smelling like a candle!
  4. Administrative Assistant for a financial planner (ages 20-22)
  5. Realtor (ages 21 - some overlap with my job as an asst. - to present)
Five Things People Don't Know About Me:
  1. I LOVE marshmallows. I was Grandma's "marshmallow girl" and she always had a bag of marshmallows waiting for me. The amount of sugar I must've consumed eating marshmallows as a little girl is scary! To this day, I can literally smell marshmallows when I walk into a grocery store. If I walk through the baking aisle, I can't resist...I grab a bag of mini and regular marshmallows, take a nice big whiff, and throw them both in my cart.
  2. I had my belly button pierced up until I started having babies.
  3. I HATE peas. I can't put them in my mouth without gagging a little.
  4. I had a major crush on the Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast when I was little.
  5. I'm obsessed with Christmas music (particularly piano Christmas music) and would listen to it all year round if I could. I even exercise to Christmas music on my Ipod. One of my favorite Christmas CD's is the Elvis Christmas Classics.
Well, that about does it. Now it's my turn. I tag Angela.


Kristi said...

That WAS fun to read about and "get to know" you a bit better!!! :-)

And...I totally understand the nail-biting. I too have been doing it for as long as I can remember. Bad habit, isn't it??? And, I can burp pretty well as well...just give me a can of Diet Coke!!

And...marshmallows are a favorite of mine as well. Combine a few mini-marshmallows with some milk chocolate chocolate chips...nummy stuff!!! :-)

Thanks for sharing...that was fun to read!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was SO fun to read!!!! Um, sorry I don't understand the nailbiting and burping (I can tell that you and Kristi grew up with brothers...not me! Maisie will probably grow up to be a burper! Wait. She already is!) I can relate to the knuckle/back cracking. I actually love to crack my kids' backs. Is that terrible? And my husband's, too. He likes it, but I can't do it very well because he's so big. I crack my knuckles, but not as much as I used to. My only wish: that there was someone around who could crack MY back whenever I wanted! My sister is actually really good at doing that for me. But my husband is TOO rough and so I can never relax when he does it. Okay, so, anyway, that was fun!!

Jenny said...

So... do they make organic marshmallows?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I liked this made me laugh and yes, I bite my nails too-all the's terrible. I keep thinking that manicures will help, but to no avail. Hope you're all healthy again. Heather ann