Thursday, September 25, 2008

simon ella says

Ella to Britten:

"Hey, Britty, repeat after me: My....Mom...Is...Cool."

I heard Ella say this to Britten from another room, and it totally melted my heart.


Ella to Britten:

"Hey, Britty, can I have some of your pretzel's?"

Britten shakes her head No.

"Britty, can I please?"

Answer still No.

"Britten, it makes Jesus very sad when you don't share. So I'm just going to take one from you."

Hmmm...Not sure it works that way.


Andy, trying to be conspicuous, asks me the following question last night...

"Hey, do you think I should take our eldest two daughters to the M-A-L-L?" Spelling it out so as not to give Ella and Britten false hope.

Ella, who overheard his question, "I'll sound it out. Mmm...Aaaa...Llllll. MALL." Runs off yelling, "Britty, we're going to the MALL with Daddy!!!"

Gone are the days for spelling out words so our girls won't understand us!


Kristina said...

Those quotes are priceless!! We too have difficulty spelling anymore - ugh...what are parents to do when we need to have a conversation without the kids figuring it out and yet they are at our feet or at the table with us!! :-)

sarah said...

ha ha :) i love the sharing story!!! it seems logical!

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Very cute quotes!