Friday, January 23, 2009

mother's everywhere will love this

I'm running errands one morning with the baby in tow and all of a sudden my phone dings, indicating that I have a new text. The message is from my husband and it reads:

"Check your email. You're going to love this!"

Having the ability to check my email on my phone, I quickly opened up my account and saw a new message from him. Upon checking the message, this picture appeared:
No, you're not imagining it. This picture is what it appears to be, and believe me, I was as stunned as you when I first saw it.

My husband is a brilliantly, creative man and he loves coming up with new, fun things for the girls to do. When being gone for a short time, I'm always prepared to walk in the door to either find the house torn apart our living room turned into a a massive fort, the girls bedroom turned into a giant jungle gym, or some amazing craft project sitting on the dining room table that the girls and their dad had designed by using pipe cleaners, construction paper and googly eyes. For as much as I tend to stress about having a messy house, I absolutely LOVE that my husband wants to spend quality, fun time with his daughter, and I really try not to freak out when I walk in the door try to encourage this interaction.

But, with that said, when I got his email that morning with this picture in my inbox...
...I think my heart skipped a beat.

In case you're interested in knowing how to do this at home for your own children, the checklist goes a little something like this:

How to Make an Indoor Slide

1) You need two twin mattresses, both dragged across the house from your child's room, and then placed side-by-side down the stairwell. Amazingly, they fit perfectly - length and width-wise.
2) 2 pillows that you literally NAIL to the doorframe at the bottom of steps, to know...any head injuries.
3) 5-6 comforters, taken from every bed in the home, to pile at the bottom of the steps for a soft landing.
4) And last but not least, and this one is a MUST, the plastic lid from their toybox, used of course, as a means of transportation down the slide. PLEASE NOTE: It is helpful for a parent to assist the child with getting the "sled" back up the slide. This could prevent the "sled" from coming loose from the child's grip and hitting them very hard in the mouth, causing their teeth to almost get knocked out.

Enjoy and good luck!


Lisa said...

Wow. That looks like effort. I hope my boys never see this. our problem is there isn't enough space at the bottom of the steps so they smash into the wall.

I don't know if Laura should see this or not. Her brothers tossed her down in a sleeping bag. I bet this would hurt less!

Holmfamily said...

i love it!
i only wish that this could work for our stairs.
so was britten brave enough to conquer the slide?

Mamaskills said... nice to hear from you again! Please lets do this the next time we are kids will be in heaven - our steps aren't long enough!

t h a i t r a i t said...

Love all the disclaimers!

Looks like a blast to me...

Misty said...

Love it!!! I am thinking that if London saw this she would try it on her own with no parental supervision.

Mamaskills said...

Wondering if we can have an adult stair slide competition tomorrow night...he...he.

Hilary said...

Looks so fun!
I know Isaac would get a kick out of this.
That might just work on our stairs. Hmmmm......

sarah said...

that is GREAT!
it's like home alone - only better!
nice job, andy.

Alphabet Family said...

I love it! I remember when Brian and I would take the leather cushions off our couch and chair and do the same thing at our house! Aren't you glad your husband warned you!

Kami Joy said...

Holy cows this is amazing! I can relate to the trying not to freak out when you walk through the door :) It looks like Andy had a lot of fun with this idea :) Miss you - hope all is well!

Kristine said...

I didn't get to do anything that fun until I was in college!! (and we didn't really think that far in advance to prevent head injuries...)

Alexandra's Mommy said...

This is awesome ! Ha Ha!! I wish we had stairs that didn't run right into a wall!