Saturday, November 15, 2008

a day to remember

I'm only a week late in posting pictures from our birthday bash last weekend...With Ella turning 5 and Chloe turning 1 within 2 days of each other, we decided to combine their parties while neither one of them care.

It was your typical late fall/early winter day, with it being partly cloudy and a bit chilly. But the weather was perfect for our "fall-themed" festivities, all planned for the great outdoors.

The hayride was everyone's favorite part of the afternoon. We live in the city, but we're blessed with a big backyard that backs up to a private city easement. We took advantage of this by pulling the kids in a hay-filled trailer behind my husband's John Deere lawn mower all around the back easement.

The kids all took turns piling in the tractor for their rides.

This birthday girl loved the hayride more than anything...
...while this little birthday girl despised it more than anything.
But fast forward 20 minutes and she was as happy as a clam chowing down on her pumpkin cupcake.*
It was a great afternoon, but a week later, I think I'm still recovering from it. Let's see...Only about 15 more years of throwing these parties!

* My wonderful and very talented friend, Amy, made and decorated these cupcakes for the party. There is no way I'm capable of doing something so creative! Thanks, Amy!


Laura said...

Looks like fun! You guys are so creative...the girls will have such good memories!

Mamaskills said...

Anytime my dear, anytime. The kids had a great time and I can't wait till the girls want to have giant sleepovers :)

l e a h said...

Lovely! What sweet November memories. Looks like you had a beautiful day.

4under3 said...

So this is what hubs had to leave town early to be a part of. It looks like fun. I have such great childhood memories of hayrides with our youth group. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time.


Kristi said...

What fun memories and pictures! Happy belated birthday to both of your sweet girlies!!!

Hope that you are doing well as we are now smack-dab in the throngs of winter already! Where is the time going?

Take care!