Monday, November 3, 2008

birthday girls

Two/thirds of our girls are turning a year older this week.

Our baby is turning ONE in four days. I'm amazed by how quickly this past year has gone. It's almost a blur...Or, maybe that's just sleep deprivation. I can never tell anymore. I can vividly remember what it felt like being pregnant with her, so much so, that at times I can almost feel her kicking. But in other ways it feels like it's been much longer than a year. We can't remember life without this little girl or what it was like having only two children. Chloe, you complete me us.
Oh, Ella. Our little dare devil diva. Remember this? Ella turns 5 on November 5th - her golden birthday. Ella is an amazing little girl with talent and intuition that blows my mind. But anyone who knows our Ella knows that with her sweet and very sensitive nature comes an intensity and strong will that continually challenges us in our parenting. But I'm so thankful for her and the dynamics she brings to our home and our family.

I can only thank God for all he has given us over the past 5 years. It's been an amazing journey, and I'm sure this week of birthday parties and craziness will be no exception!


l e a h said...

Lovely tribute, Amanda!

November is a beautiful month for a birthday. We have lots of November bugs to remember here, too.

Happy birthday to two-thirds of your precious brood.

l e a h

Holmfamily said...

i just cannot stop saying that your girls are SO BEAUTIFUL! it's hard to believe that your little chloe is turning 1, and that micah will be one next month, and then titus! time sure does fly! we definitely need to get a picture of our three children again! have fun with the parties this week.

Kristi said...

What BEAUTIES!!! The pictures of both girls are amazingly sweet. I can't believe how "old" Chloe is looking. Precious!

Hope that you have a wonderful week celebrating your children's lives!

Happy Birthday, Chloe and Ella!

Anonymous said...

Love the swing picture!!!!! HAve a great election day:) Heather

Angela said...

Happy birthday to your little cutie pies!! Love the pictures- as always.