Thursday, February 14, 2008

hair is a wonderful thing

As you can imagine, we constantly get remarks about Chloe's head of hair. Most comments are uttered in sheer amazement, some funny, some not so funny. But the other day, while strolling my baby around the mall, a gentleman in the elevator had the most unique response yet.

"Wow, girl, you make that toupee look very real. I had no idea they made toupees for babies."

I felt that remark deserved to go down in blogging history!


Kim said...

What???? She certainly does not look like she is sporting a baby toupe, and I dont even think those things exist... so they? How random.

Anonymous said...

Hah! Funny;) (I am crossing my fingers that the gentleman was trying to be clever, and did not really think that!?) And, if they did make toupee's like Chloe's hair, I might consider one for Maisie! I just LOVE your daughter's hair!

Amanda said...

Yes, he was totally kidding. I thought it was rather funny, actually, and not annoying like the people who tell me, "She needs a haircut!"

Tiffany said...

I agree!!!

I too, L.o.v.e, with a capital "L," Chloe's hair. I always wanted a "bunch of hair" baby. None of ours had any, so count me in on two baby toupes (exactly like Chloe's) for the girls.

This is my favorite picture so far.