Thursday, July 1, 2010

6 months old

I know, I know, you've been sitting on pins and needles for MONTHS waiting to hear the new about this little guy... In short, our life has been NUTS the last six months. I won't go into it all right now, but I know there have been a few concerned blog readers wondering about our well being. So I will just say that we are doing GREAT. And so is the sweet little face you see above.

In fact, that sweet little face turned 6 months old today, if you can believe it!?!? It seems like only yesterday that Asher Andrew was born. Like I expected, I had a very quick (I didn't say painless, just quick!) labor and delivery. They clocked the labor at about 1 hour, and I only pushed through one set of contractions before he was born at 2:04pm on January 1st. 2010.
It left me with a very bruised tail bone, and him a bruised face, but otherwise all was great!

He was a little guy, like we expected him to be. At 6 lbs, 9oz, 20 inches long, Asher was our smallest baby! But he was ready to GROW, and more than doubled his weight by his 2 month appointment.

In a nutshell, I didn't blog right after having Asher because I very much struggled with postpartum depression, along with anxiety/panic attacks. I only struggled through this a short time after delivery, but words cannot describe how scary this was for me...feeling SO out of touch with myself and not being able to control my emotions. My heart goes out to women who struggle with this for months, sometimes years! It's truly debilitating and leaves you feeling completely helpless and overwhelmed. Anyhow...

I can't explain it, but even the idea of blogging stressed me out, so I decided that I wouldn't blog again until I really WANTED to. I realized that day came today...When it dawned on me that my baby boy turned 6 months old and I wanted to show him off to the world - well the blogging world!
This is me and my smiley, sweet boy just a few days ago. He is hands down the sweetest little guy in the universe. The name "Asher" actually means happy, which I found out while pregnant. Somehow, I knew in my heart that his name would suit him perfectly and it really does.

There will be more posts to come, so please don't give up on me. There is a lot of fun things going on these days, and I'm excited to start sharing them with you again!

Until then, Happy 6 months, Baby BOY! You were the best gift God could have ever given our family!


Anonymous said...

Yay your back! You popped up to the top of my favorite list and I was so excited. Glad things are going great!

Jenny (Christa's friend Jenny) :-)

Beth, Dan and Sophia said...

Yea!! So happy you're back - it's so fun to see your beautiful kids and hear about your family adventures!! :)

Juliet Mock said...

So, will your blog now be "We love our A-EBCs? :) Asher is such a doll and looks so much like his daddy. Oh, and you are one good-looking momma! Don't take that the wrong way of course.... :0

mrs boo radley said...

Congrats! Asher is adorable. So glad you all are doing well!