Thursday, October 22, 2009

a "wild" night out

Me and my hubby had an incredibly "wild" night last night...Don't get any crazy ideas. I'm only talking about a hockey game.
We were invited to the Wild hockey game with some friends from church who have incredible season tickets. Unfortunately for them, their boys came down with H1N1 and they couldn't go, but fortunately for these guys...

...They were able to come with us and use the extra tickets. Did I mention they were incredible seats? Talk about up close and personal. Recognize the man in the photo??
I'm not usually the type to take pictures of "famous" people, but when the governor of Minnesota happened to walk right in front of us (several times, I might add), I figured I'd put my hot pink Canon PowerShot to good use.

Fun times!


sarah said...

just thought i'd say it's fun to have you back updating your blog again ;) te he he :)

hope you all are staying fairly healthy!

Kristina said...

We have been up close and personal at a couple wild games and it is so much more fun that way! Glad you were able to enjoy a night out.

TanyaLea said...

Looks like a great time. Martin had the opportunity for us to get some great tickets to that same game, but I was already sick and he ended up coming down with a horrible headache, so we had to pass. SUCH a bummer... it even included a parking pass. He's been working so hard lately that one of the supervisors at work offered them to him. Oh well!!...maybe next time! ;) It just would've been a hoot to see you there! :)

And I agree with Sarah... it's great seeing you on here again!!


Mamaskills said...

We had a great time - thanks so much for thinking of us!

Jenilee said...

great seats for a hockey game! how fun! just found your blog today... and the pink camera? sounds cute. :) always a good way to put a pink camera to good use!! I might just have to get one! :)