Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Take That!

Ella enjoys taking my books off the shelves and "reading" them to Britten. Today she chose "Raising your Spirited Child," one of my personal favorite parenting books. I was listening to Ella from the next room, page through my book, making up her own version of the story. How sweet, I thought, they really seem to be enjoying themselves! I peeked around the corner, thinking I'd see Britten cuddled up next to Ella, intently listening to the story. Instead, I saw Britten, cuddled up next to Ella, picking her nose and wiping her boogers on the book, page by page, as Ella read her story. Ella didn't seem to mind, why should I?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes (usually) two quiet children at play means trouble! In this case, I guess it could have been worse!

Hmmmm, are you reading "Raising My Sprited Child" more for Ella, or for Britten? Or just in general? Cullen is my MUCH more "spirited" (and also stubborn, intense, strong-willed, loud) child.

Looks like I sent a lot of traffic to your blog already! Yeah for my friends who came to welcome you:) Really, you're a natural at this blogging thing. Definitely NOT Worst Blogger Ever. :)

Tiffany said...

I can almost see them cuddled up together, gooing the pages. So funny! And, don't you love hearing your children play nice together?! I think I need that book for my "spirited" child.

Natalie said...

Love this. I am excited to soon join you in parent multiple girls. Only eight weeks to go till girl number two is here. who wrote "Raising my spirited child". I would like to read that!

Amanda said...

Hey Ladies! Wow, already so much interest in the book, Raising Your Spirited Child. It was actually written by a local author, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, but has won national awards. It's really a great book. Ella is, by far, our spirited child, and has been since day one. I read Dare to Discipline when she was a toddler, which I also liked, but I find RYSC much more encouraging. I ordered it online from Barnes & Noble. If you read it, let me know your thoughts!

Carrie said...

Welcome to blogging Amanda! MCK Mama got me started a year ago and I haven't looked back. You have a knack for it already. I love your creative titles and your writing style. I'll be be checking in again.

My Early Childhood Education teachers refer to this book often, but I haven't had to get a copy for myself yet (knock on wood).

I was going to get your address from MCK Mama to send a thank you to your family for including us on Saturday, but I'll just throw my THANK YOU out into bloggersphere and hope you'll accept it as heartfelt.

aerin said...

Hey AJ!

That is an adorable story. And Chloe is PERFECT! Can't wait to meet her. I am thinking commercials! And I love your blog. It was great idea to keep people up on your family. Isn't it fun?!