Monday, January 21, 2008

A slug in the face and a trip to the ER

Last Wednesday, I was vacuuming my basement, so proud that I had almost completed the daunting task of deep-cleaning my home. I was completely unaware that Ella was coming up behind me, bouncing up and down on her bouncy ball she had gotten for Christmas. CRACK! As I brought my arm back, my elbow got Ella directly in the nose...hard. She fell to the floor crying and I immediately scooped her in my lap to comfort her. Next thing I know, Ella was on the floor, passed out. Her body was twitching, her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was not responding to me. I was scared, to say the least, and instantly started to pray over her. I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to call 911. As I about to make the phone call, Ella came to, as though nothing really happened. She was cold to the touch and seemed a little out of it, so I decided to still call 911. The paramedics arrived and determined she was fine, but couldn't figure out why she passed out like she did. They highly recommended we bring her to the ER to get a more thorough check-up. By that time, Andy was home, so we loaded up our little family into the van and drove to the hospital. 3 hours and 1 catscan later, the doctor determined that Ella was a "fainter." Some people, kids included, faint more easily when they're hurt, scared or have low blood sugar. Her daddy is also a fainter, so I guess this shouldn't come as such a surprise. Fortunately, Ella is fine and we can be more prepared now if she ever faints again in the future...poor little thing!

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Kim said...

Oh my... how incredubly scarey! I was just reading another mother's blog and her daughter fell and turned out she was a "fainter" as well. I can't imagine how scarey that must've been for both of you!